Group practice

Centre for Psychotherapy, Mediation, Coaching and Supervision

Our group practice is part of the Interactie-Academie. The group practice consists of four pillars: psychotherapy, mediation, coaching and supervision. Consequently, our group practice is open to everyone with a need for individual, couple or family therapy or mediation in familial conflicts. Our centre also addresses work difficulties and other problems related to work. Apart from this, any professional can request supervision, consultation or educational therapy.

Our team consists of qualified psychotherapists, supervisors, coaches and mediators. All of them are educated as psychologists or medical pedagogues and have had intensive training within the field of psychotherapy. The team works with a systemic vision. This translates into an important emphasis being laid on human relationships and their living and work environments. Within this perspective, human problems are not regarded as merely individual phenomena. Rather, it stresses the idea that problems and conflicts are embedded into wider contexts and influence many. In our practice, we pay attention to these differing contexts and relational influences.

All conversations and meetings are held at the Interactie-Academie main building in the van Schoonbekestraat 33, Antwerp on weekdays. Unfortunately, group practices are not subsidized. The fees charged for group practice vary with respect to your net monthly income and the form of contact you require. More information about our various offers and fees are placed under psychotherapy, mediation, coaching and supervision, consultation and educational therapy. Go to ‘contact’ for more information about contacting hours, location and how to get there.

We do not offer any crisis intervention.



Please contact us if you have any queries.

Email: groepspraktijk [at] iaac [dot] eu

Telephone: 0491/06 08 06

     Monday between 9h and 10h

     Thursday between 16h and 17h

If you apply by mail, your queries will be read by the team leader, who will also address eventual queries you have. The team leader or one of his colleagues will contact you within a week if any further information is required.

Telephonic applications can be made every Monday between 9h and 10h and every Thursday between 16h and 17h with one of the psychotherapists.

The group practice is closed on:

official holidays, during Christmas break and from the second week of July until 15 August. 


All meetings take place at the main building of the Interactie-Academie in the Van Schoonbekestraat 33, 2018 Antwerpen. When arriving at the institute and after the door has been opened through the parlophone, just walk through the hall and take the steps to the first floor where the secretariat is. They will tell you where to go.

How to get there?

What happens after your application?                     

After you have contacted us, we will keep in touch with you by means of telephone or mail to further elaborate on your questions and to decide upon its urgency. We will also take note of your personal data (name, address, age, family situation, work information, etc...). Given this information, we can decide if we are the perfect match for your preferences.

Team discussion

Consequently, your question will be discussed in our team with the aim of deciding upon the aid most appropriate to you. On top of that, we discuss which therapist, mediator, coach or supervisor is most able to work with you and when conversation sessions could be launched.

If there is no appropriate professional in our team available, we will refer you to another more suitable institute for no extra cost.

Telephonic contact and further agreements:

After the discussion, the team will present to you the various reflections and offers (who is able to work when with you, etc…).

If you agree and you are willing to work with us, the way is paved for concrete agreements and meetings with the specific therapist, mediator, coach or supervisor.